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Tarikh/Masa: 20/02/2015
No. Ref: 0P6XNB25
Nama Penuh
Akaun Bank
13010005453202 CIMB
Jumlah Kerugian
RM -
How transaction is done :
On 3nd of August, between 12pm to 1pm( can really remember ) he posted up the
ads, i called him immediately to deal. ( i inquired him already the day before,
but he told me he already reserved for someone, the other buyer put deposit
already, so he deleted the ads, but then deal canceled so he posted up the ads
again ). So i dealt with him and he asked for deposit of half the price which is
RM1000( he agreed to sell the camera nikon D90 at RM2000 to me) , but ended up
agreed at RM300 for deposit as i cant afford too much for such deposit, then after
he agreed, i asked my friend to help me transfer RM300 to his account( mentioned
above ), and ask if he receive the deposit via sms on the hp number mentioned
above, he say yes receive and will meet me tonite ( 3rd August 2010 at 10pm at McD
outlet Melaka Mall Melaka. So i waited for his call from 10pm-1pm but no calls
from him, called him more than 10 times his number cannot be accessed.
> So this is how it happens. Would be glad if can provide me more
details on him, or if best, can try to retrive my deposit from this fake seller.
Then replied me this
Thank you for writing to us with regards to your concern. 
We would like to advise you to try and write or call the advertiser and ask for
your item. We will on our part send him and email to remind him about your item.
In the event which he does not respond to us or to you, within 3 working days from
today; we would then advise you to lodge a police report against him using the
information which you have. If at all you need further information or any sort of
assistance, please write to us and we will be more than happy
to assist you.
Kindly note that we always advise our buyers to practice safe trading methods. In
fact, when you click on any advertisement, and then on 'Contact Advertiser'; we
have placed a notification at the bottom: NEVER pay in advance to a seller you
don't know.

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